Door Frame Options

Every high-quality Orion door starts with a high-quality door frame to create a long-lasting product. Orion selects frame materials carefully, beginning with high quality raw grade materials and putting all materials through a rigorous testing and quality control inspection process. The end result is a high performance, durable frame that we guarantee to last.

Low Maintenance

Not only are our door frames built to last, they are also built with customer satisfaction in mind. We value your time and energy and don’t want you to waste precious time caring for your door or door frame. Orion door frames are low maintenance and simply require a quick swipe with a cleaning cloth to keep them looking fresh.

Exceptionally Energy Efficient

Energy Efficiency

As with all of our door options, Orion door frames are also exceptionally energy efficient. Our door frames are designed to keep warmth in during cool seasons and keep the drafts out. We will expertly install our door frames with a tight seal so that you can be sure you aren’t losing precious air conditioning during warm summer temps either. Our door frames are crafted with high quality materials that are leakproof and tough enough for any weather. Our energy efficient door frames can also help decrease your heating and cooling bills by keeping your home weatherproof.


Safety and Security

Orion door frames are built to last and withstand every type of weather. Our frames are carefully constructed with top notch materials and the highest standards of quality. Orion door frames will not scratch, rust or rot and will stay beautiful year after year.

UPVC Materials

UPVC frames are extremely energy efficient. If energy costs are a concern for your home, then UPVC would be a great choice for your new Orion door frames. UPVC is a durable material which does not absorb the heat or cold, creating an impenetrable barrier between the weather and your home.

Composite Materials

Composite door frames are built from a variety of materials to create an extremely strong door frame that will not warp, chip, or bow. The combination of materials results in a durable, solid door. Composite materials offer a higher level of insulation than traditional wood frames, making composite an energy efficient door frame choice.

Wood Materials

Wood frames offer a simple and timeless look. They are the most common choice because of their warmth and natural insulation properties. Wood frames are also easily paintable. Wood is also a durable material choice for door frames. Wood is a little more susceptible to temperature and weather, so it is best suited in areas with more temperate climates.

Aluminum Materials

Aluminum frames are lightweight yet incredibly strong. They offer narrow sightlines which focus the eye on the glass pane of your door rather than the door frame. Aluminum conducts heat and cold very well, so Orion offers thermally improved aluminum door frames to prevent heat loss for your home. Aluminum frames can be built into a variety of configurations, making this material perfect for multi-panel doors.