Door Energy Efficiency Information

Orion doors are designed to beautify your home as well as provide you with high energy efficiency levels to keep you secure for years to come.

Our doors boast thermal energy insulation and specially constructed cores which are designed to keep drafts out and keep your heating and cooling inside. Our doors are specifically formed from high quality materials to create a product that will withstand any type of weather.

Every door is engineered to the highest safety and energy standards and fashioned to be completely weathertight. Your new Orion door will save you money in heating and cooling costs by efficiently blocking out all outside drafts and weather.

We install every door to a perfect fit with draft resistant seals to ensure your door is predictably strong and weathertight despite unpredictable weather. Our expert installers have been installing our customized doors in Dublin for over 25 years.

To add further protection from the elements and create the most energy efficient door possible, we also construct all of our door glass panes from high performance insulating glass. Our glass is 136% better than standard glazing and far superior to other products on the market. This high-quality glass will eliminate cold spots in your home near your door and help keep your home warm in cool seasons and cool in the warmer months.