Starting Your Door Replacement Project

The right door replacement can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal – and give a warm welcome to friends, family and guests. Below are some ideas for creating a great entry space you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Consider decorative glass elements and stunning sidelights for your replacement door to give the exterior of your home an instant facelift.

Style with hardware.

Look for decorative hardware finishes to coordinate with other finishes in your home – such as light fixtures and cabinet hardware.

Refresh with color.

Find a beautiful replacement door that adds a splash of color and helps your home stand out from the rest. For a more dramatic change, consider painting your home’s exterior.

Accent with lighting.

Add a lighted walking path or install spotlights to bring out special landscaping or architectural focal points on your home. The style and finish of your replacement door can complement the outside light fixtures to create a nice, cohesive look.

Enhance with plants.

Draw attention to your new replacement door by placing potted plants nearby. Planters or container gardens offer even more visual appeal. Flowerbeds along driveways and walkways can give your home a softer, more inviting feel as well.