New Wood & Timber Doors Replacement

We manufacture and install superior-grade period, contemporary and custom made timber windows and doors throughout Dublin and surrounding counties.

Our stunning timber doors come in a variety of styles and designs, ensuring exceptional quality and performance as well as expert craftsmanship.

They are crafted from engineered timber, which combines a range of wood-based materials, selected for their inherent durable qualities, to produce a heavy-duty functional timber that so closely resembles solid woodgrain. Yet these newly engineered timber doors still maintain the stunning aesthetic of wood while removing many of the problems.

Treat your home to a bespoke and beautifully crafted wooden entrance door. We manufacture wooden entrance doors to the highest possible standards.

Why choose Timber Doors?

Whether you’re considering an external wooden front door, back door or French doors, nothing makes a more natural and elegant statement than the classic beauty of timber. Available in a choice of Hardwood and Softwood, with stained and painted finishes, a wooden door delivers an unforgettable impression.

Natural Beauty

Wooden doors are a marvelous way to give your home a classic look with timeless charm and uncompromising style. With a wide range of designs, paint and hardware finishes available, we can easily match a door to the character of your home. Moreover, we use modern lamination and finger jointing technology to remove knots from softwood to achieve a smooth and beautiful appearance that will last for years.


We would never claim that timber is maintenance free but if wood is the only option or you love the look, then we offer an impressive range of stained finishes on all our hardwood frames, highlighting the beauty of the natural grain for an authentic look with timeless charm. Alternatively, we offer a great range of painted finishes on our softwood timber providing a more contemporary finish.

Types of Timber Doors

We manufacture wooden sliding doors to the highest possible standards and have a large range of timber door styles and options.

  • Timber Entrance Doors
  • Timber Bi Fold Doors
  • Timber French Doors
  • Timber Exterior Doors
  • Timber Front & Back Doors
  • Timber Sliding Doors